CO:CREATE is the first-and-only protocol that provides the infrastructure for NFT projects to scale their digital ecosystem through native tokens.

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YOU'VE DONE the hard work and have a successful NFT project–but scaling your community beyond collection holders is challenging. However there is a way to open up new possibilities for incentives, rewards, and access–by combining NFTs with native tokens.

CO:CREATE ENABLES projects to launch a native token and provides the building blocks for token utility and value. This allows you to monetize your brand, reward your community, and structure incentives for creators to contribute to your ecosystem.

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IMPLEMENT YOUR Create Instance, which provides the foundation to launch your own native token, governing DAO, and robust royalty management system–all supported by vetted smart contacts and best-practice templates for token utility and regulatory compliance.

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Token Design
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LAUNCH WITH CONFIDENCE with token frameworks designed to scale your success. Each Create Instance provides flexible parameters for total supply, token allocations, airdrops and vesting–we take the complexity out of token launches.

OUR PLUG-AND-PLAY utility contracts for liquidity rewards and staking makes it easy to manage the health and liquidity of your token economy after launch.

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Royalty Management

TRANSFORM YOUR ROYALTIES into the foundation for your ecosystem's success. The protocol swaps NFT royalties for your native token, resulting in continuous buying pressure for the token powering your ecosystem.

THEN CHOOSE YOUR native token distribution parameters, including the creator, NFT collectors and your DAO’s treasury. You can launch an unlimited number of royalty managers with flexible configurations for each new collection and collaboration.

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governance Modules

CHOOSE YOUR preferred level of checks-and-balances for your decentralized community. You set the parameters for the ecosystem’s governance, from proposal timelines to quorum and voting thresholds.

WE'VE BUILT our governance infrastructure to be interoperable with existing DAO tooling to meet the complex needs and flexible controls of diverse creative communities, while ensuring you can adhere to best-practice legal frameworks for decentralized governance.

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WE'RE LOOKING for visionary NFT projects who want to grow from leading collections into hyper-engaged, decentralized brands of the future. We have the expertise and tooling to help you get there.

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in good company

THE CO:CREATE PROTOCOL is the first endeavor from Gesso Labs, a team of Web3 entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, and operators. We are backed by some of the best projects and technical minds in the space and we’ve raised a $25M seed round led by a16z crypto, with strategic participation from brand name Web3 players.

ApeCoin for all? Co:Create raises $25M to help NFT projects launch tokens.

Coindesk, May 2022

This startup is building a toolkit for NFT projects to easily launch their own coin.

TNW, May 2022

Co:Create has raised $25 million to build an infrastructure layer for NFT projects.

The Block, May 2022