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In 2023, brands are striving to find new ways to engage with their community and offer fans rewards for their loyalty. Nielsen research suggests that 84% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. However, despite this, only 15% of loyalty rewards are redeemed, demonstrating a need to offer more appealing, customer-owned benefits driven by authentic community connection.

That’s why Co:Create has developed a comprehensive API toolkit for virtually any brand to launch new, innovative rewards & loyalty campaigns — powered by our flexible, API-first community activation & rewards platform.
  1. First off. Campaign APIs allows brands to easily reward their customers for taking specific actions, acting as an innovative loyalty system. Typically, launching and maintaining such campaigns is a complex and time-consuming process; however, our Campaign APIs can help brands save signifcant time and resources.
  2. The next significant API within our toolkit is Redemptions. This enables brands to reward users with desirable and rare digital assets by allowing them to quickly redeem their fungible ERC-20 tokens for non-fungible ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens without the need to pay gas fees on the blockchain. For example, the Redemption APIs can allow gamers to redeem their achievement-based tokens for special in-game assets such as unique characters, weapons, or skins represented as ERC-721 or ERC-1155 assets. It can also empower retail companies to manage their loyalty program rewards, allowing customers to earn ERC-20 tokens for purchases and redeem them for digital goods, such as exclusive products, discounts, or services represented as NFTs.
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Watch the launch video walkthrough here
or try it now in our Dev Docs.

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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APIs & Dev tools for community centric brands

Announcing APIs & Dev tools for community centric brands — the Co:Create journey.

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It’s been one year since we introduced Co:Create to the world. We set out to create technology that enables communities to thrive, built upon the ethos of ownership and participation. Anyone operating in our industry knows it moves at lightening speed and that a year can feel like a lifetime. For us, the last year has been a journey down the rabbit hole of web3 communities– what makes them tick, how they incentivize and reward participation, and achieve growth at scale without compromising authenticity. We spent countless hours with a variety of brands — from tight knit crypto natives and NFT collectors to global corporations — to understand the core value prop of web3 tooling in building the brands of the future.

We launched Co:Create with the call to ‘go beyond the drop’. A year later and it still holds true, but we’ve expanded our understanding of what a ‘drop’ can be. Co:Create can be used to super-charge brand activations around ‘drops’ of all kinds — we think of it as the IP, products, and services any brand brings to market. We recognized that it’s not just NFT communities that can leverage Co:Create, rather any brand that aspires to better engage, reward, and empower their users can build with our tooling to cultivate a true sense of community. Why? Because powerful communities do incredible things for brands. Web3 pioneer projects have proven this. And now brands across every industry are keen to reap the same benefits.

🚀 Powering community first brands with Co:Create’s API-first Platform

But we know adopting web3 can be challenging — it’s costly, requires technical savvy, and skillful navigation of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape around digital assets. To get the most out of the technology, it also means onboarding audiences to new practices and requires a shift towards shared ownership for both brands and consumers. This is our super power.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Co:Create API. We took the best of web3 technology — wallets, NFTs, native tokens, onchain data — and tackled the complexities of a web3 backend to create a robust API that allows brands to easily spin up and customize their own community rewards experiences. This also means agencies and consultancies can access the foundational tooling they need, allowing them to focus on architecting the most creative use cases for their partners.

We spent the last year understanding what brands need to foster a community-centric culture and built the Co:Create API with the following principles:

  1. 📚 Future-proof Flexibility: An API first platform allows for greater flexibility in terms of customizing rewards experiences. Our API first platform allows innovative brands to have greater control over their rewards program and tailor it to their unique brand identity, ensuring a more personalized and engaging experience for their community that can evolve over time.
  2. 🎛️ Scalability with control: As brand communities grow, our API first platform provides the ability to scale and adapt to changing requirements, without compromising on the user experience or functionality. Our approach allows for controlled development roadmapping and deployment of features and functionalities, allowing brands to add or remove features, test new ideas, and iterate to optimize their rewards experience on their own timeline. This is especially important for web3 communities, which can experience rapid growth and require the ability to test and deploy robust solutions.
  3. 📲 Easy integration: An API-first platform provides the ability to integrate with other services, such as wallets, to enable seamless transactions and a more user-friendly experience for community members. This integration can enhance the overall rewards experience and make it easier for users to participate in the program.
  4. 🔐 Customizable Security Protocols: An API-first platform can offer increased security for both the brand and the community members. Brands can implement their own security protocols and standards, ensuring that sensitive data and transactions are protected.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Co:Create API Developer Documentation to help brands and partners agencies build their own flexible powerful rewards initiatives.

Today, with our API, brands can:

👉 Create and manage custom tokens, including fungible(ERC20), non-fungible(ERC721), and hybrid (ERC1155) tokens, easily and without having to set up web3 infrastructure

👉 Deliver great web3 experiences through programmatic token distributions and gasless transaction experiences

👉 Manage user identities & provision web3 wallets with only an email

👉 Maintain legal and regulatory compliance by controlling token transfer restrictions

👉 Reward community members with tokens for campaign registrations, voting, storefront purchases, social engagement, and more

We built Co:Create as an API-first platform so we can empower any brand to unlock the power of community.

What will you build?