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In 2023, brands are striving to find new ways to engage with their community and offer fans rewards for their loyalty. Nielsen research suggests that 84% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. However, despite this, only 15% of loyalty rewards are redeemed, demonstrating a need to offer more appealing, customer-owned benefits driven by authentic community connection.

That’s why Co:Create has developed a comprehensive API toolkit for virtually any brand to launch new, innovative rewards & loyalty campaigns — powered by our flexible, API-first community activation & rewards platform.
  1. First off. Campaign APIs allows brands to easily reward their customers for taking specific actions, acting as an innovative loyalty system. Typically, launching and maintaining such campaigns is a complex and time-consuming process; however, our Campaign APIs can help brands save signifcant time and resources.
  2. The next significant API within our toolkit is Redemptions. This enables brands to reward users with desirable and rare digital assets by allowing them to quickly redeem their fungible ERC-20 tokens for non-fungible ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens without the need to pay gas fees on the blockchain. For example, the Redemption APIs can allow gamers to redeem their achievement-based tokens for special in-game assets such as unique characters, weapons, or skins represented as ERC-721 or ERC-1155 assets. It can also empower retail companies to manage their loyalty program rewards, allowing customers to earn ERC-20 tokens for purchases and redeem them for digital goods, such as exclusive products, discounts, or services represented as NFTs.
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A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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Co-Create the Future of Beauty

KIKI World is Empowering Communities to Co-Create the Future of Beauty

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Everyone has an opinion (or two) on how brands can improve products to meet the wants and desires of consumers. How do people typically voice those thoughts? From pointed product reviews to DMs and Twitter rants, consumers have never had many opportunities to enact change on the brand level — until now.

Web3 allows communities to have a voice in decision-making across countless, historically-gatekept industries. We see this opportunity come to life through the potential of decentralization and tokenization, where brands empower their community members to become hyper-engaged stakeholders in their products and vision — because they own a piece of the pie.

In an industry as personalized as beauty, the opportunity to bring consumers into the product co-creation process completely reimagines the unilateral mindset where consumers support brands but get very little in return. KIKI World, a new platform whose team has a long history of developing beauty products for some of the world’s biggest brands, is utilizing Co: Create’s web3 community activation technology to bring this opportunity to life — and reward people for actively participating in their product development.

🚨Why Beauty Product Development (and Community) is in Need of a Makeover 💅

“There really isn’t a way for the [beauty] community to help create the products that they actually want to get. From the ground up, that’s where the missing piece is,” said Brendon Garner, KIKI World’s Co-Founder. Along with the rest of the team, which spans product innovation, e-commerce, and stints working with renowned consumer brands like Fenty and Violet Grey, Brendon (an early web3 advocate) has long been exploring the intersection of innovative consumer technology and product design.

Through their experiences, KIKI’s team envisioned a future for the beauty industry that’s less reliant on traditional marketing levers like focus groups and celebrity endorsements to push new products and gain consumer insights. Utilizing web3 frameworks and ideals, KIKI World began building a platform where communities can vote on the products they wish to create and easily gain specific access and perks based on their level of engagement.

“This idea that you actually have a voice is something that resonated with a lot of people we spoke to, and not just in a BS way but one that can actually be tracked, cannot be taken away from you, and is actually rewarded,” said Brendon of KIKI World’s vision.

Ahead of the launch of their first product later this month, a unique easy-switch nail polish called Pretty Nail Graffiti, KIKI World opened up voting to it’s community to determine the colors it will produce. Additionally, the team has developed multiple prototypes for their early community to vote on. “Our community is essentially going to tell us what we’re going to make next. We have not made any decisions on this; it’s completely community-built and driven,” he said. Brendon also shared that in the near future, KIKI World will enable their community and partners to help create products completely from scratch.

🗳 How Community Decision-Making Drives Rewards and Grows Loyalty 💅

Web3 is waking brands up to the fact that consumers must be incentivized to become loyal community members through elevated rewards experiences that are effortlessly integrated into their tech stack. “It’s not only about contributing, but actually seeing your decision-making result in something coming to fruition based on what you want,” Brendon said.

So what does this look like in action for KIKI World’s community, which Co:Create is helping to onboard to web3? Brendon explained how Co:Create’s community activation platform will support the introduction and evolution of KIKI World’s web3 rewards program, allowing them to easily integrate web3 identity management, wallets, and tokenization.

“We see a path where loyalty points will be tiered at launch to membership SBTs (soul-bound tokens) — and that’s where Co:Create comes in,” Brendon explained.

Co:Create will empower KIKI World’s community to mint SBTs directly to their new web3 wallets, a seamless and gasless process that will help jumpstart their web3 journey.

“We’re leveraging Co:Create for minting of the SBTs which are connected to our membership reward points, vote history and web3 identity — what we call the KIKI World Pass. That’s going to be tied to you, so only you have full control of it. There’s a lot more potential in terms of what can be leveraged there.”

💆An Effortless On-Ramp to the Future of Community Rewards 🤝

Utilizing Co: Create’s flexible API, KIKI World’s growing web3 community will be able to sign up via email to easily (and trustlessly) claim KIKI World Passes and receive rewards for their engagement and voting. Brendon noted that this simple on-ramp would allow community members to quickly take ownership of their contributions and onboard users to their new membership program.

“We’re creating a really simple on-ramp for our community to get introduced to the concepts of being rewarded for your actions and taking ownership of your contributions. It’s a big first step in this industry.”

Ready to effortlessly empower your community to engage and earn? Get started now, or contact us.