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Our campaign APIs allow brands to control & automate the rewards they use to incentivise members, how those rewards are earned, where they go & more.
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Campaigns APIs

Reward members

Reward members for

signing up

New members can easily sign-up to your rewards program with just their email address. Encourage members to get started on their loyalty journey and engage with your brand by awarding them tokens.
Token Gating

Token gated


Control who has access to exclusive products and segment your community rewards by gating access to token holders. Have an in-person event? Reward members for attending events that hold a POAP too.
Social Rewards

Connect & verify

social media accounts

Reward community members for connecting their Twitter, Discord and Instagram accounts with the Co:Create API. Encourage them to like, share, follow and engage with your brand.
Community analytics

Track your community

in one place

With Co:Create’s APIs, you can easily track, measure and monitor your community with our easy to use platform community analytics tools — built for community first brands.


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