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To build community superfans — brands can create personalized, gamified ways for their community to redeem their rewards powered by our rewards APIs.
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Rewards APIs

Token Redemption

Redeem tokens for

exclusive rewards

As members participate in campaigns and earn tokens, allow them to redeem those tokens for exclusive products, discounts, services and more.

Engage your community

with auctions

Provide your community the opportunity to bid in an auction using your tokens, the product will be awarded to the highest bidder.. This could include a rare item, digital art, domain name, a unique virtual item or more.

Drive community excitement

with sweepstakes

Increase the ways your community can redeem their tokens with sweepstakes. Allow members to trade their tokens for entries, with winners being randomly selected through our platform.
Digital Rewards

Offer a variety of

digital rewards

With Co:Create's APIs, you can offer your community a variety of digital rewards that they can exchange their tokens for including soulbound tokens, NFTs and in-game assets, and accept fiat payments.


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