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October 1, 2023
  • Salesforce integration
  • Campaign API enhancements
  • New admin dashboard capabilities

Announcing additional capabilities within our Admin Dashboard platform, including creating and managing both campaigns and redemptions and integrating directly with your Salesforce account.

Salesforce integration

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span> <span class="release-tag admin dashboard">Admin Dashboard</span>

We are proud to now support integration with Salesforce! Developers can now connect to an existing Salesforce account to link a user’s Co:Create wallet address and token balance to their Salesforce contact. Developers can configure regular syncs to ensure this information is updated every 24 hours and manually update outside of the 24 hours period.

This can also be managed from the admin dashboard. Admins can connect and disconnect from Salesforce; toggle on/off the data shared with Salesforce, and manage the sync cadence.

Campaign API enhancements

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span> <span class="release-tag admin dashboard">Admin Dashboard</span>

We’ve added two additional campaign types:

  • General campaigns
  • Instagram campaigns

For general campaigns, developers can use this type to create campaigns outside of the existing buckets. This campaign type has additional configurability options: Developers can set metadata and allow a Campaign to be claimed daily or unlimited times. And for Instagram, developers can now create a Campaign to reward users with a platform-created token when they add their Instagram handle.

Campaigns can now be created and managed from the Admin Dashboard.

New admin dashboard capabilities

<span class="release-tag admin dashboard">Admin Dashboard</span>

We’re excited to announce a few additional capabilities to our admin dashboard! You can now use the dashboard to create and manage Redemption channels: Redemptions, Campaigns, Auctions, and Prize Draws. These tools allow admins to create create engagement mechanics for users to exchange ERC-20 tokens for ERC-721 or ERC-1155 reward tokens.

Admins can decide the appropriate distribution avenue: Redemptions enable direct redeeming of ERC-20 for rare & desirable digital assets; Auctions allow users to use ERC-20 tokens to bid on a reward, and selects the highest bidder as the winner; Prize Draws allow users to use ERC-20 tokens to purchase a ticket, and randomly selects a winner.

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Our latest release

  • Referral campaigns
  • Token airdrops
  • Dashboard UI enhancements

Co:Create has refreshed our dashboard interface to allow brands to more easily manage their loyalty programs, and introduced support for creating and managing referral-based reward campaigns and minting tokens directly to community members.

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