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May 1, 2023
  • Self-service Sandbox experience
  • New media, metadata and campaign APIs
  • API enhancements

We’ve been busy. This month we’ve got Sandbox enhancements NEW APIs and much more. Subscribe to stay up to date for all our latest product releases.

Self-service Sandbox experience

<span class="release-tag admin">Admin dashboard</span>

We’ve released a comprehensive sandbox environment tailored specifically for developers. With seamless onboarding, a holistic view of community members and token contracts, and intuitive management of personal, team, and API key settings, you can accelerate your development cycle and familiarize yourself with our platform's capabilities before going live.

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New media, metadata and campaign APIs

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

Media & Metadata Hosting APIs
Store, manage, and retrieve your token media and metadata effortlessly with our integrated solution. Designed to compliment our Token APIs, you can now eliminate the need for third-party storage solutions, ensuring your assets are managed efficiently and saving you both time and resources.

Campaign API
Streamline your token-based reward campaigns with our new Campaign API. By leveraging built-in business logic, you can simplify community campaign processes and gain deeper insights into how your web3 initiatives are driving tangible business outcomes.

API enhancements

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

User Activity Insights
Our enhanced User endpoint provides a richer dataset, offering a 360-degree view of user interactions. Track token actions such as minting & transferring, monitor campaign completions, and stay updated on user profile changes, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your web3 programs and enhance user engagement.

Batch Token Transactions
Boost your operational efficiency with our enhanced Token endpoints that now support bulk actions. Mint & transfer tokens for multiple wallets in a single API call, reducing overheads and handling large-scale token operations with greater speed and reliability.

Token Contract Updates
Adapt to the ever-evolving web3 space with our enhanced Token endpoints that now allow for post-deployment contract updates. Enjoy the flexibility to manage your token contracts and adapt to changing requirements without the need for redeployment, ensuring continuity and saving precious development time.

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Our latest release

  • New prize draws API
  • User & campaign API enhancements
  • Creation & management of users, tokens & campaigns

This month's releases are focused on helping you build a more engaged, excited community whilst giving you the tools to track your members in an easier way.

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