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September 1, 2023
  • New prize draws API
  • User & campaign API enhancements
  • Creation & management of users, tokens & campaigns

This month's releases are focused on helping you build a more engaged, excited community whilst giving you the tools to track your members in an easier way.

New prize draws API

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

Elevate your community engagement with our Auctions API. Allow community members to bid on unique assets using their Co:Create platform-issued ERC-20 tokens in a batch auction format, providing a dynamic way to distribute unique assets and add a new dimension of utility to your community tokens.

User & campaign API enhancements

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

User API
The Users data model now includes fields for address and social account handles, enabling a richer user profile. Moreover, you can seamlessly add and update a users address with a simple PATCH request, ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive user information.

Campaign API
We’ve introduced a new campaign condition, “Profile Update”, which empowers you to incentivize users to add their name, address, and phone number to their user profile. You can configure one, two or all three data fields as required to complete the campaign. Upon successfully updating their profile with the required information and meeting the condition, your users are rewarded with the platform-issued token selected by you.

Creation & management of users, tokens & campaigns

<span class="release-tag admin">Admin dashboard</span>

Admin dashboard
We're thrilled to announce three significant enhancements to our admin dashboard — you can now use the Platform Admin Dashboard to create & manage users, tokens, and campaigns directly from the interface. Users are created via email address and provided a wallet out-of-the-box, and token creation supports the three main token types — ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens. This streamlined capability ensures a more intuitive and efficient experience for Co:Create Platform administrators.

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Our latest release

  • New auction API
  • Campaign API expansions
  • Multi-organization capabilities

We continue to expand our product. This month we got new Auctions & Social APIs, API enhancements and a new Multi-organization capability.

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