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June 1, 2023
  • New redemption API
  • User and token API enhancements
  • Shopify App: Web3 Rewards and Access Tools

This has been a big month — we’ve added a Shopify Integration (Token Gate your store) and exciting new Redemption APIs. Subscribe to stay up to date.

New redemption API

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

Boost the utility of your Co:Create platform-issued ERC-20 tokens by allowing community members to convert them into digital collectibles, either as ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens. This API is designed for user cases such as redeeming online gaming assets, securing exclusive retail items, or accessing premium content creator resources. As community members redeem, new tokens are minted in real-time, and the corresponding ERC-20 tokens are simultaneously burned. The API provides you with the control to define redemption rules and manage the entire redemption lifecycle.

User & token API enhancements

<span class="release-tag api">APIs</span>

User activity expansion
Stay updated with community member redemption activities. We've integrated the data generated via the Redemption API into the User endpoint, offering a more comprehensive view of community member interactions.

Token transfer capabilities
Our Token APIs now come with added transfer endpoints for ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155, enhancing your token management processes.

Shopify App: Web3 rewards & access tools

<span class="release-tag integrations">Integration</span>

Shopify app integration with Co:Create web3 rewards & access tools
Elevate your brand's community engagement on Shopify. Through intuitive token gating, offer exclusive product access, rare product rewards, and giveaways to boost participation and loyalty. Set specific reward access criteria based on the tokens community members hold, enabling you to segment and tailor your community rewards and access strategies effectively.

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Our latest release

  • New prize draws API
  • User & campaign API enhancements
  • Creation & management of users, tokens & campaigns

This month's releases are focused on helping you build a more engaged, excited community whilst giving you the tools to track your members in an easier way.

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