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Co:Create enables brands to create, personalize and evolve their loyalty programs — fueled by our flexible, API-first community rewards and activations platform, built on web3.
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We built Co:Create APIs so you don’t need to learn the ins and out of web3. Now you can start building right here, right now.

Join the

loyalty evolution

— powered by web3

Brands need to rethink their loyalty programs. This is because what consumers aren’t quite getting from them is true ownership, a deeper sense of community identity and the ability to co-create with the brands they represent. Thankfully, Co:Create’s flexible APIs are empowering brands to give their community what they really want and to grow their superfans — powered by web3.

Build personalized


rewards experiences

Co:Create's platform is built to be flexible — because no two brand communities are the same. This allows brands to build all kinds of delightful reward experiences powered by our easy to use API tools.
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Enable community


with all the right controls

While co-ownership and co-creation is the future of loyalty — for some brands it can sound scary, but it shouldn’t be. With Co:Create, brands can set their community rewards experiences in a controlled customizable way by doing things like limiting community decision making, transferability, scale and more.

Connect & expand

your current loyalty programs — or start fresh

Co:Create's APIs are built on web3 tech, which means its interoperable and composable. That’s a fancy way of saying you can connect to and build on your current customer loyalty programs — or create new community centric rewards experiences.

Create new & exciting

brand collaborations

— on-chain

Building web3 based loyalty experiences means you can create meaningful collaborations with other brands — on chain. This can be an incredible community activation and growth mechanism that can be created and built easily with Co:Create’s flexible APIs.

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Our Product

Co:Create is a powerful,

API-first community platform

built on web3